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way too cold

20 Nov

In my hunt for tangos friendly clothing appliers, I came across Pink Sugah by Tara Asamoah

coincidentally she is also a contributing member to GFW

outfits from left:

.::Pink Sugah::. Doll Lingerie (sweet polka), .::PS:;. Rapture (pinks) vendor, .::Pink Sugah::. Cheeky Burlesque for GFW
Crown – [Wishbox] Lolita Crown


Hair – Sugarsmack – Paloma
Skin – TSG
Feet – Slink tiptoes
Tattoos – Aitui & Tenjin


fun with fantasy

19 Nov

I wouldn’t call this x-rated… but I sure as shit ain’t pg.
enjoy ❤

From Head to Heel:

Hair – Sugarsmack – Posha – Cocoa Pudding ** will be available @ Zodiac Event
Skin – .tsg. Baby -bust- B tone -no brows- NT
Lipstick -.tsg. Baby LiquiShine Strawberry NT – Tan
Horns – Schadenfreude Kindr Horns
Ears – [ni.Ju] Gelf Ears Pierced (ermahgawd I love these!)
Eyes – .tsg. Sparx Eyes *FATPACK* (I like to use the prim eye attachments to have 2 diff eye colors, shown here in blue & green)
Freckles – IT GIRLS – KiKi Freckles
Teeth – [PXL] OpenMouth PRO Alpha Lips 4 + [label mode] bunny teeth
Tail – :mused: Cow Tail with Bow
Lashes – – DAMNED – Eyelashes
Eyebrows – .tsg. Bad Bitch Brow *Tintable*
Tattoos – Tenjin Trophy Girl Tattoo and AITUI TATTOO – Emerge
Nose -TSH- Pink Kitty Nose

Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts w/ TSG Custom skin texture.
Note, there is a seam where the prims touch my skin only because of the way I rotated them in this picture in order to show the tenjin tattoo.
– Modded to include Mused Milk Made scripts from the Mused Milk Made model breasts. I’m enjoying the shape and look of the new lolas,
however I am a Mused Moo girly to the core. ❤

*HolliPocket* Sweet Pea-Zebra Tan – for GFW
*HolliPocket* Fishup Net Gloves-Torn-White
*HolliPocket* Fishup Nets-Black
oOXA CollarsOo Lady Lace Collars
Slink Lulu Stilettos White

shot @ Mused Creamery

thankies to muh darling manmeat .. I mean husband, for posing with me for this shoot ❤

Designer Spotlight – It Figures

18 Nov

To all of you that have been so patient with me, thank you again and again!

Let’s jump right into today’s post; an idea I was toying with before my forced hiatus was a weekly designer spotlight.
My thanks to my Lynniepie for giving me the idea as she was who suggested I make a folder of landmarks etc to help those looking for boobie stores.
Up first, because well hers was the very first store I found with well made clothing for prim breast enthusiasts before it became the latest trend, is Hellena Skytower and her store It Figures

Below are 5 different outfits from her collection as well as a brief interview with the designer herself

from left to right:

{ I.F. } Dollie Pardon, { I.F. } Saturday Morning ~ Lavenders, { I.F. } Perfect Housewife, { I.F. } Ballet Cardigan ~ crimson, and { I.F. } Lollipop Chainsaw

for your reading pleasure:

1. As a prim breast clothing designer you are one of the first, if not THE first to offer boobie girls quality, sexy designs. What brought you to wanting to work exclusively to what at the time was a niche market?

A: Not one of the first or even close. You maybe weren’t around back then but in 2008 there were several. Like P.S. Design, Thirteen, S&S Design, Amazon Designs and Nanami to name a few. Many more even before I was around. But nowhere nearly as many to choose from as there is now. And the reason for tits? I didn’t wanna keep buying lindens so I started working in a club. Happened to be a club for prim breast users only called TheTitty Bar, back when Leeloo Lyle owned it. So I wore eCorp all the time. (Lolas weren’t even around then.) Anyway I got asked for my shape enough that I started making shapes for sale, which is why my shop is called It Figures. Was happy doing just that, but sometimes I couldn’t find what I wanted to wear. So I’d make it myself, for myself. Then I just put them in my shape store. Never really planned to do it.

– Blogger note… I absolutely respect her for giving props to those that came before her. Admittedly I hadn’t known of any of those listed, having joined SL in 2010 myself.


2. Where do you draw some of your inspiration from for your designs?

A: I tend to make a lot of costumes. If I think of something silly or fun I wanna wear it. So inspiration comes from anywhere and everything. (But I also have a pink balloon in my shop for suggestions.)

– Blogger note… That is one of my favorite reasons for shopping at her store. I ❤ the shit outta themes!

3. What would you say sets It Figures apart from other stores?

A: That’s for you to tell me.

– Blogger note… This is definitely one of the better places on the grid where anyone of any experience level in SL can come to build a quality look for one. Secondly it’s budget friendly with tons of options.


4. So many girls love the way prim breasts look but are put off by how difficult it can be to make them look good. What, if any, advice would you give to those new to prim breasts and how to look their best?

A: Eh, easy. Look up Luck Clothing or The Sugar Garden and pick up one of Morgan or CK’s boobie textures. They make them for several big name skin designers and look fantastic. You’ll get used to wearing tits. Eventually you’ll find a position set on your avatar you like that works for you. Everybody is different. Just don’t wear your Lolas up to your neck.

– Blogger note… Completely agree, my friends that have come to me for advice know we’ve had the same discussion lolol!


Lastly, enjoy some shots of each individual outfit, hope ya’ll love it as much as I loved putting it together, and one final thank you to Hellena, for waiting for friggin ever >.<





Stay Tuned

1 Nov

For those that don’t know me, October was a very trying month for me with regards to real life. 
I didn’t just disappear or forget about you guys, in the beginning of the month my father was hospitalized 
due to complications with his diabetes. For those of you that have family with this disease or have it yourselves, PLEASE take care of yourselves. Something as small as a blister can become a much bigger issue literally overnight. It is not at all uncommon for diabetics to have to endure amputation because of infection etc thanks to issues with blood circulation. So please, don’t be stubborn and keep on top of those things. Lastly, please do not text and drive. Thankfully I wasn’t hit that hard, she was only doing 45. However  because of the accident I have a broken rib and a torn ligament in my knee. Again guys, stay off the damn phones if you’re driving. Especially on the highway! (No I wasnt the one texting >.<)


We will be back with a designer spotlight this week, I’m aiming for friday, featuring the prim boobie boutique It Figures. Until then, be safe ❤